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Super Gatling Goons is a top-down co-op shooter, where the players are tied together and stuck in a weird gangster purgatory. Face off against hordes of bizarre creatures and persevere in a pitched battle against a demonic hat!


  • Chaotic co-op gameplay! Players must truly work together - one player holds the gun, while the other fires it

  • Stick together! You are tethered to your partner and must navigate levels without getting stuck or dragging your friend into an abyss

  • Weird puzzles! Shoot targets, walk over tiles, and wrap the tether around poles in the right order to progress

  • Blast spooky stuff! Purgatory is full of weird creatures to shoot, such as slime zombies and spookurity guards

  • A boss fight! Face off against a multi-phase boss that will test your abilities as a team

The game requires two players and two controllers to play.

Or for the truly hardcore (or octopuses), one player with two controllers.

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Published 62 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags2D, controller-only, Co-op, two-player-only


Super Gatling Goons.zip (63 MB)